Lustre Pro Makeup Eye Brush Set Gold Edition (Valued at $48)

Lustre Pro Makeup Eye Brush Set Gold Edition (Valued at $48)

Regular price $40.00

Lustre Pro Makeup Eye Brush Set is created with synthetic hair and high-quality metal. The brushes are heavy to the touch, maximizing comfort and stability in use. High-performance and affordable, this brush set helps everyone achieve the flawless pro makeup looks with minimal efforts. 

This brush set consists of:

1. Lustre Pro Makeup Brush E101 Eyeshadow Brush: designed for contouring around the grease.

2. Lustre Pro Makeup Brush E102 Eyeshadow Brush: designed for seamless color blending.

3. Lustre Pro Makeup Brush E103 Eyeshadow Brush: designed for packing color on the center of the eyelid.

4. Lustre Pro Makeup Brush E104 Lip Brush: especially designed for the curve around the lips.

5. Lustre Pro Makeup Brush E105 Brow Brush: designed to mimic the hair of your brows, giving them a natural yet full look.